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Extracurricular Programs


Work-Based Learning

Through the WIOA and IYIP programs we have 30+ paid work-based learning opportunities for students at local businesses like Pete's Fresh Market, with community partners like St. Paul's Church, and through internships at the Chicago History Museum.  Through work, students can earn work-study credit, counting towards their 3.5 Career Education credits required to graduate.  If needed, students can apply for a flexible schedule in which they leave school early to work or start school later in the day if they are working the night shift.
We also have One Summer Chicago, offering paid internships this summer for participating in drum making, Safe Humane animal training, civic activism club, and more!

Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment

Students interested in digital media can take Edwin's Media Communications course right here at IJLA, earning college credit while also earning credits towards high school graduation.  Through this class you will also learn web development and graphic design to support local business! Dual enrollment opportunities are also available, with Arturo Velasquez Institute only steps away from our campus.

After School Matters

Another paid extracurricular opportunity is through the After School Matters program.  Currently on our campus we have "Your Streets, Your Story" digital media program and "Peace Makers" restorative justice leadership program.

Entre Mujeres (Women's Circle) and Men's Group

Youth participating in Entre Mujeres or Men's Group have the unique opportunity to use talking circles as a way of connecting, working through challenges, and discussing issues that are important to their lives.  Together, the youth break bread, talk about relevant issues, and spend recreational time building community.

Parenting Group

In this program, our young mothers and fathers swap everything from advice to baby clothes! While some sessions involve the children for story time or games, other sessions are just for moms and dads who need some time to connect without their children and pamper themselves.

Tutoring and Credit Recovery

Tutoring is available to all students who need support with their coursework.  Students have the option of completing credit recovery within the first 3 weeks after a quarter ends.  Summer school is also available for students who need to recover credits or who want to graduate sooner and take on extra classes.